Gyeongsangbuk-do Human Resource Development Institute
Approved International Architectural Competition

Information on the Submission Schedule and Place for Submission


Please kindly understand that there was a mistake by the operation team regarding the information on the submission of entries, which was announced on the 16th of September. The final schedule and place for submission are as follows, so please check the following information to make sure there is no problem with the application process. We sincerely apologize for any errors in the announcement of the operation team.
- Technical Review: Sept. 28 to 29, 2020
- Examination: Oct. 5 to 7, 2020
Place and Schedule for the Submission of Entries
- Submission Deadline: On or before Sept. 25, 2020
(Post is accepted only with a postmark of Sept. 25, and arriving on or before 18:00 (KST) on Sept. 29)
- Submission Method: By post
- Place for Submission: Korean Institute of Architects, Daegu-Kyungsangbukdo
870, Gukchaebosang-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu, 42012 Republic of Korea