Gyeongsangbuk-do Human Resource Development Institute
Approved International Architectural Competition

Background and Objectives of the Project

Gyeongbuk Provincial Government, previously located in Buk-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City, was moved to the new provincial city of Andong and Yecheon in 2016. Accordingly, in order to promote the efficiency of the work and to vitalize the new city early, the transfer of related institutions and organizations of the Gyeongbuk Provincial Government has been promoted. According to the master plan for relocation of Gyeongbuk Provincial Government and new provincial city in 2010, the relocation of Gyeongbuk Provincial Government and related institutions and organizations was promoted.

Following the completion of the new provincial office building in 2015, the Gyeongbuk Provincial Government was first relocated to the new metropolitan city of Andong and Yecheon in March 2016. In connection with the Special Act on the Construction and Support of Cities for the Purpose of Relocating Do Offices (Act No. 14480, Enforced on Dec. 27, 2016), the relocation of the Human Resource Development Institute (former Gyeongsangbuk-do Local Officials Education Center), a direct institution under Gyeongbuk Provincial Government, is also promoted, from the existing place (Buk-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City) to the new provincial city.

The basic construction principles of the new Gyeongsangbuk-do Human Resource Development Institute is to fully respond to the increasing demand for education for local officials, to create a suitable infrastructure with a pleasant educational environment, and eventually construct a facility that can fundamentally improve the quantitative and qualitative values of education. Since this newly constructed facility aims at an architectural value that can serve as a standard for a new era that goes beyond conventional education facilities, we are seeking answers from competent architects around the world through this competition.