The Jury

Gyeongsangbuk-do Human Resource Development Institute
Approved International Architectural Competition

Technical Review

Technical Advisory Committee
Organized by the Korean Institute of Architects, Daegu-Kyungsangbukdo in charge of operating the competition, the Technical Advisory Committee reviews the technical details of submitted entries and supports the jury with the expertise based on the experience of domestic and overseas construction practices so that a fair and efficient examination can be conducted. The members of the committee are as follows, and the PA serves as the chairperson of the Technical Advisory Committee.
  • Sang-hong Lee, Professor of School of Architecture, Kyungpook National University :
    Chairperson of the Technical Advisory Committee
  • Jin Gang, CEO, Architecture Office J-Gang
  • Kiseok Kim, CEO, KIDAN Architecture Designer’s Group
  • Chan-Ik Park, CEO, Gutsein Architecture Office
  • Kang-Hee Seok, Professor of School of Architecture, Kyungil University
Technical Review and Verification of Violations (Sep. 28 – Sep. 29, 2020)
The Technical Advisory Committee checks for any violations in the submissions of the final entries submitted based on the design competition guidelines, and summarizes them in a report to submit to the Jury Committee. For submissions that fall under the following, the Technical Advisory Committee should report to the Jury Committee basically.
  1. Submissions that do not comply with the submission formats specified in the submission guidelines
  2. Submissions that violate the requirement for anonymity
  3. Submissions that do not meet the program required by the guidelines

Respect for Judging Authority

  1. The jury's decision is final and irreversible.
  2. Under no circumstances will the jury's examination methods and decisions be changed by the Orderer.


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Karel Smejkal

Czech Technical University
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Li Zhang

Tshinghua University
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Beisi Jia

Hongkong University
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Kwang-Hee Cho

Daelim University College
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Hyun-Do Yun

Chungnam National University
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Geun-Taek Lee

Kyungpook National University
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Young-hwa Kim

Architecture Office, Donova

Jury Candidates

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Kang-Hee Lee

Andong National University
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Sung-Su Kim

Haenglim Architecture & Engineering Co., Ltd.

Types and Contents of Examination

  1. The Jury Committee elects the chairperson of the jury at the initial meeting. In accordance with the design competition regulations, the chairperson of the jury collects the opinions of the jury to determine the detailed examination method and how to select the wining entries.
  2. After receiving the technical review opinions from the Technical Review Committee, the Jury Committee discusses and reflects them in the evaluation.
  3. The Jury Committee may have a discussion process for the submitted entries, and prepare a report on the results of the examination and submit it to the Orderer.
  4. Jury members residing in Korea conduct examination at site, and jury members not residing in Korea conduct examination through video.
  5. A jury candidate may participate in the same examination as a jury member, but cannot exercise their judging authority.
  6. A jury member who does not participate in the opening of the Jury Committee will be disqualified and the qualification will be transferred to a jury candidate.
  7. The entry of the participant who falls under any of the following cases may be eliminated regardless of the progress of the examination, as determined by the Jury Committee. If such facts are discovered later, the selection may be cancelled at the Jury Committee's decision.
    • When the entry is disclosed prior to the announcement of the final examination result
    • When the submitted entry is judged to be a plagiarism of someone else's work or his / her existing work
  8. The Jury Committee may disqualify the participants through resolution for the following cases:
    • When a major change in plan is inevitable due to a significant error
    • When there is a serious violation of the Design Guidelines
    • When the submitted drawings or specifications contain phrases or symbols that indicate the participant
    • When unfair requests or pressures affecting the examination are exercised
  9. In case of violations falling under any of the following, entries may be subject to deductions in the examination according to the criteria and decisions set by the Jury Committee. When determining the standard for deductions, the Jury Committee can present a deduction criteria table upon request.
    • When the submitted drawings and specifications violate the preparation criteria
    • In case of exceeding or falling short of the criteria of adjustment of the construction area and gross area
    • Violation of related laws and regulations without significant plan changes
    • When it is determined that the required construction cost will exceed the budget
    • Other matters judged as deductions by the jury

    ※ Any violations not specified above and additional disposition criteria may be adjusted or additionally applied through the resolution of the Jury Committee.

  10. Main areas of examination of the Jury Committee are as follows:
  11. Evaluation Items Evaluation Details
    Site Planning Layout and land use
    Ease of use of facilities and space
    Appropriateness of public transport, pedestrian and vehicle access plans
    Design Planning Excellence in original, sustainable design
    Space Planning Appropriateness of interior and exterior space planning
    Efficiency of space use
    Feasibility of flow and function distribution
    Landscape and Harmony with the Surroundings Connection and harmony with surrounding space and environment
    Appropriateness of color and material planning
    Technical Planning Excellence in environmentally friendly design techniques
    Economics such as cost reduction
    Excellence in building structures and construction methods
    Others Other necessary matters such as measures to improve publicness and countermeasures for special conditions
  12. Entries are judged fairly by verifying whether they comply with all the requirements specified in these guidelines. When necessary, evaluation items or points can be determined separately by the Jury Committee.
  13. Matters not specified in the examination should be decided by the Jury Committee.
  14. Jury Committee's review opinion and review method will be announced on the website together with the result of the examination.