Gyeongsangbuk-do Human Resource Development Institute
Approved International Architectural Competition

Participation Registration

Announcement of the Competition and Participation Registration
  • Registration Period : July 27, 2020 (Mon.) ~ Sept. 24, 2020 (Thu.)
  • Registration Method : Register online at the competition website (

Submission of Entries

Submission of Entries
  • Submission Deadline : Not later than Sept. 25, 2020 (Fri.) 17:00 (KST)
  • Submission Method : by post only
  • Place for Submission : International Design Competition Operation Office of Gyeongsangbuk-do Human Resource Development Institute
    (The address will be posted on the website later and also be notified by e-mail.)

    ※ Entries that do not arrive before the deadline due to delays in customs clearance are excluded from the examination.

1 Documents Fill out and submit the provided forms.
Put in an opaque envelope.
Put the PIN number on the outside of the envelope.
2 Design Plate A1, 4 sheets
(Attach to the 10mm foam board, pack opaquely, and put the PIN number on the outside)
3 Design Description A3, 10 sheets or less (including the cover)
2 sheets of A3 sized paper (portrait orientation, see Design Description Specification)
4 USB Folder Name Mark the PIN number only.
Contents Design plates (in PDF format)
Design description (in PDF format)
Drawing (in PDF format)
Perspective drawing, sketch, diagram (jpg, over 300dpi)
※ There is no restriction on color expression.
※ Use a metric system for preparing all drawings and specifications.
※ For customs clearance, overseas participants should mark "Entry of the International Design Competition for Gyeongsangbuk-do Human Resource Development Institute" on the outer surface of the final packaging of the entry being submitted, with the contact information of the Operation Committee (to be posted on the website).
Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Each participant can create their unique personal identification numbers (PIN) by combining 2 English letters and 4 numbers.
  • This unique PIN should be marked in the upper right corner of each sheet of the design plate. In case of design description, the PIN should be written on the upper right of the cover in the same way except for the sheet mark (See the picture below.).
  • These unique PIN created by the participant will be replaced with separate numbers for examination assigned by the Host to maintain anonymity during the examination.

※ Each submission should include the following:
Documents (Forms 1 to 8)
  1. Application Form [Form 1]
  2. Confirmation of Entry Submission [Form 2]
  3. Representative Appointment Letter [Form 3]
  4. Joint Supply-and-demand Agreement [Form 4]
  5. Pledge [Form 5]
  6. Design Outline [Form 6]
  7. Table for Detailed Use and Area of Each Floor [Form 7]
  8. Consent to Use for Exhibition, Promotion and Publication [Form 8]

Documents download

Design Plate
  1. Bird eye view
  2. Design concept
  3. Location plan, SCALE 1:800
  4. Floor plan of each floor
  5. Section, elevation (Express on 2 sheets or more per building.)
  6. Detailed drawings of section / elevation (Structure and materials represented), SCALE: 1:20
  7. Interior and exterior perspective view
  8. Other contents that can show the design features

※ Design plate should be organized by putting four A1 size sheets vertically, and the whole should be viewed
The order of each sheet should be indicated from left to right on the sheet mark to the right of the PIN number. (1-4)

Design Description 1 (A3, 10 sheets or less)
The following should be expressed, although the order of contents and scale of drawings can be changed according to the intention of participants.
  1. Cover, table of contents (Mark the PIN number on the top right of the cover.)
  2. Bird eye view, perspective drawing
  3. Design concept
  4. Location plan
  5. Floor plan of each floor, main section, main elevation
  6. Detail drawings of section / elevation
  7. Flow planning
  8. External space planning / parking lot planning
  9. Structure design / material design
  10. Other contents that can show the design features
Design Description 2 (2 sheets of A3 sized paper)
Contents of The Design Description :
The design description should include the following :
  1. PIN
  2. Written Text of The Design Description
  3. Diagrams (if applicable, CMYK, 300dpi)
  4. Sketches (if applicable, CMYK, 300dpi)
  5. Perspective Drawings (CMYK, 300dpi)
  6. Site Plan (non-scaled, CMYK, 300dpi)
  7. Floor Plans (non-scaled, CMYK, 300dpi)
  8. Sections and Elevations (non-scaled, CMYK, 300dpi)
  9. Facade Wall Sections and Elevations (non-scaled, CMYK, 300dpi)

Design Description Layout
Download the design description template either in Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator format from the competition website. Use only fonts and font sizes specified in the template. Portrait orientation of each sheet, with horizontal arrangement of all two. Mark sheets in alphabetical order next to the PIN number.

Inquiries and Responses

Questions related to the competition are accepted only through the official E-Mail :
The answers to the questions received during the inquiry period will be all provided on the expected reply date through the competition website. The answers to the questions are recognized as modifications / reinforcement of the design guidelines. Inquiries by post, telephone, fax, or visit are not accepted.

Submissions and Anonymity

  1. Each submission should be marked with unique personal identification numbers (PIN) for identification. Refer to Section 1.7 of the Competition Regulations for the types of submissions and the marking of PIN number.
  2. Participants are not allowed to place any indications on their submissions, which may expose their identities except for the unique personal identification numbers (PIN), and violations of this are reported to the Jury Committee.
  3. The entries of the design competition should arrive by post before the designated deadline at the designated place, and only the entries of those who have registered for the participation in the architectural design competition are accepted. Submission after the deadline, additional submission, or modification or supplementation of the submitted entries is not permitted.
  4. Participants in the design competition should understand the list of submissions and contents specified in the guidelines, and prepare and submit the required drawings and specifications using the designated forms and in accordance with the specified formats.
  5. Participants in the design competition should be responsible for all costs related to documents and drawings and specifications being submitted.
  6. Each participating individual / team should submit only one piece of entry.

Copyright, Publication, and Exhibition

  1. Entries should be purely creative and should not infringe on the copyrights of others. Participants (Participating teams) are responsible for any copyright infringement of others, and, in such a case, the selection may be cancelled. If a third party's intellectual property rights are used, a document proving the right to use such as the third party's written consent should be attached.
  2. Participants retain the copyright and ownership of the entries, and all matters related to copyright, such as the attribution of copyright, should be determined by the Copyright Act.
  3. The Orderer reserves the right to use all submitted entries without any compensation within the scope not intended for commercial profit, for the publication of reports and works, exhibitions, etc. related to this design competition, or for the promotion through newspapers, broadcasts, or other media. Participants (Participating teams) should actively cooperate with these exhibitions and publications, and submission of entries is considered to have been agreed on this.
  4. Data provided to each participant in this competition should not be used for other purposes without the consent of the Orderer.
  5. The Orderer reserves the right to directly or indirectly use or change the ideas of the winning entries in the subsequent design process.
  6. Other matters related to copyright are subject to the applicable copyright act and decree.

Return of Entries

  1. Return Period : Oct. 15 – Oct. 17, 2020 (10:00 – 17:00)
  2. Place of Return :
    International Competition Operation Office of Gyeongsangbuk-do Human Resource Development Institute
    (The address will be posted later on the website.)

  3. Except for the winning entries, submitted entries will be returned at the designated location within the return period to the participants themselves, or proxies who have the proof of their identities or power of attorney.
  4. Submissions that can be taken out are limited to design plates and other submissions cannot be taken out.
  5. All entries submitted may be exhibited for a certain period of time at any location, and changes in the return period due to the exhibition schedule will be announced through the competition website.
  6. The Host can arbitrarily dispose of the submitted entries that have not been taken within the period, and participants cannot raise an objection to this.


This design competition will be conducted in accordance with the applicable laws of the Republic of Korea, and any dispute which arises regarding this competition will be adjusted or ruled by the courts in the Republic of Korea.


  1. This design competition is conducted only when there are two or more participants, and may be re-announced if the number of participants is less than two.
  2. If there are less than two participants after re-announcement, the Orderer decides whether or not to proceed with the competition.
  3. If it is determined difficult to select a winning entry, the Orderer may decide whether or not to proceed with the competition, make changes to the type of the competition, etc.
  4. Participants are deemed to agree to all the details of the guidelines by registering to participate in the design competition.
  5. When there is a difference in interpreting the phrases in these guidelines between the Orderer and the participants, the interpretation of the Orderer takes precedence, and for other unspecified matters, the Orderer's decisions should be followed.
    ※ Participants cannot raise objections against the decision of the Orderer, and matters not specified in these guidelines are subject to relevant laws and regulations.
  6. All expenses incurred in participating in this design competition are not supported.