Gyeongsangbuk-do Human Resource Development Institute
Approved International Architectural Competition



• PillSun Seo
• DongHa Shin
• HyeonChang Jang
• JiHyang Lee
• SooJung Choi
• JiYoon Kim
• JaeHee Kim
• SangYeob Lee


Using the entire land while utilizing the slopes is the most excellent point from all of the submitted pieces. Especially outstanding points include the point that it was comprised of courtyard space and water space with unique features according to the sloped topography, the point that the connectivity of internal and external spaces was expressed appropriately, and the point that traditional images were modernized. However, some areas that should be reviewed for energy efficiency include the excessive use of glass and that the false-structured roof line was elongated.

- Chairman of the Committee Lee, Geun-taek

Dear fellow architects, let me first congratulate you on the huge success you have achieved in this competition. Your colleagues' projects were of a very high standard, which further increases your success rate.
Now let me evaluate your project in the context of my personal approach as a member of the international jury. Your project impressed me from several points of view. The first was a continuation of the cultural tradition of construction in Korea. In this context, I perceive your project as a continuation of the continuity of the spirit of tradition embodied in modern technologies and materials.
The second important aspect for me personally, the concept of your project, would be the label "Smart". In the project, you not only bet on quality architecture, but also exhibited it as a work of art of the entire composition, which facilitates the orientation of users of the future center. The elaboration of details, technologies and operational layout units has a high added value and I personally look forward to one day looking at the final implementation, which will confirm the expectations that your winning design evoked in me.
It is a great honor for me to be able to participate in the evaluation of your work. I wish you much success and look forward to your further successful projects.

- Karel Smejkal

This is a straight forward solution to the function of the building and the site, dominated by the hill in the north.
The character of the institutional building is well presented showing a respect to the users and public from the city. The courtyard and central axis give a tribute to the hill and traditional Korean Architecture. Indeed, traditions play an important role in formulating the concept of this complex. The façade is transparent and shaded by horizontal device.
The inward courtyard functions as a multiple leveled communication center, which is essential for school. Maybe the large cantilever roof, imitating the outlook of traditional architecture, and curving columns are overdone in consideration the benefit.
The interface between the courtyard and interior could be more than a corridor. The dormitory being left aside seems a problem of the whole concept in planning.

- Beisi Jia

  • The site utilization plans appear to be an efficiently designed piece in terms of the arrangement plan, and for the traffic line, it is an excellent piece that clearly separates the vehicle traffic and pedestrian traffic.
  • In addition, functional differentiation of the traffic, etc. by implementing a courtyard in the spatial plans was also procured appropriately, and it is judged that it is a design in which procurement of privacy and independence between spaces stands out.
  • For mass, it is judged that it has a competitive edge compared to other design plans in terms of improving the scenery through its graceful elevation and plans for procuring openness with a curtain wall and its nimble elevation facade.
  • But in terms of energy conservation, it is judged that the excessive use of curtain walls should be avoided.

- Jury Member Cho, Kwang-hee

  • From a formative aspect, it appears that overall, the traditional images or traditional materials of Korean architecture were interpreted and applied with a contemporary style.
  • The recommendations of the provincial government office’s district plans for the new city seem to be mirrored well.
  • It sufficiently exhibits connectivity with the road located on the east side of the site and the building arrangement was planned considering noises from roads, etc.
  • It appears that the greens from the mountains in the north are naturally connected to within the site and was planned as a place for rest and relaxation.

- Jury Member Lee, Kang-Hee