Gyeongsangbuk-do Human Resource Development Institute
Approved International Architectural Competition


Elavate (Australia)

• Danna Priyatna


This is an excellent piece in terms of efficient use of internal and external spaces using the natural topography as it utilized it appropriately and that it used the space of ‘encompassing’ that is traditional in the Yeongnam region of Korea (Seowon (lecture halls)). Furthermore, providing the curved circular stair-type seats linked to the field and utilizing the flexibility of traditional Korean wood buildings appear outstanding, but it is judged that focusing too much on flexibility and point spaces (circular stair-type seats) while failing to use the entire site should be edited as it appears to split the entire site into functional programs.

- Chairman of the Committee Lee, Geun-taek

The household structure and concept of courtyards found in traditional Korean homes were carried out based on the initial design idea for the internal structure of buildings and building arrangement for the Human Resources Development Institute. Furthermore, efforts were made to realize the design concept of traditional Korean homes using modern architectural technologies.
It was an attempt to harmonize with surroundings according to the shape of the building and spatial plans. A parking lot that matches with nature and spatial plans and landscaping plans to bring in the surrounding landscape and natural environment into the architecture were established. In addition, eco-friendly aspects such as designing a green area on the roof were also taken into consideration sufficiently.

- Jury Member Lee, Yun Hyun-Do

  • It is judged that the people inside the building or the building functions can be affected by noise from the road on the east and the field
  • It appears that access by people with disabilities will be difficult when entering through the building entrance from the parking lot
  • The round roof type from the square box shape offers a strong, yet soft image making it a design that appropriately combines strength and softness of the elevation
  • The height of the second story is expected to be slightly low when using the mountain to the north as a backdrop
  • The height of the first floor where educational facilities are located is designed to be 4m. It appears to be a bit low
  • It faces the east and west and so there may be some disadvantages in terms of energy

- Jury Member Lee, Kang-Hee