Gyeongsangbuk-do Human Resource Development Institute
Approved International Architectural Competition


Studio Sunggi Park LLC (United States)

• Park, SungGi
• Bae, Kunkook


In terms of site utilization, it was interpreted the most dynamically and it was comprised as mass and hierarch spaces. However, the surrounding area is a region that should highlight traditional elements according to the urban aesthetics, so there are many areas needing improvement as the provincial government office and relevant facilities are located. Other areas needing improvement are that spatial efficiency is deficient in terms of the finishing of the roofs on the slopes and the connectivity with the facade, and that utilization of the roof should also be improved.

- Chairman of the Committee Lee, Geun-taek

This is an architectural piece with impressive formative beauty of the building. The building was designed very harmoniously with the surrounding natural environment considering the geological story of the land, skyline, etc. It appears that the nature of the Human Resources Development Institute was highly placed on being public and so many efforts were made for openness. But there is a question that while expressing being dynamic, how much would it be possible to use the roof, which is a core element of the design sector, in the summer or winter seasons considering the Korean climate. Due to the large area of the basement floor, there may be future issues on having to dig excessively and on the possibility of constructing the building with a limited budget for construction.
Another area that could use improvement is in the cross-section in that the composition of rooms, traffic lines, etc. are a bit interrupted due to the form of the building.

- Jury Member Lee, Kim Young-hwa

  • In terms of the formative aspect of the architecture, it has a bold shape and is superior compared to other pieces. However, considering that the site is in the provincial government office new city region, it appears to be lacking in terms of traditional images of Korean architecture or is missing traditional architectural elements that were requested in the district planning
  • As it is necessary to construct a sloped building shape, it can be at a relative disadvantage in terms of building costs
  • There is a lot of cutting required for the basement of the building and so it is slightly lacking in terms of being environment-friendly
  • There are entrances on each floor, so security can be slightly lowered in terms of limited usage that focuses on educational functions

- Jury Member Lee, Kang-Hee