Gyeongsangbuk-do Human Resource Development Institute
Approved International Architectural Competition


Ether Ship (United States)

• Yang, SungGoo
• Nam, Jungmin


This is an excellent piece in terms of efficient use of internal and external spaces using the natural topography as it utilized it appropriately and that it used the space of ‘encompassing’ that is traditional in the Yeongnam region of Korea (Seowon (lecture halls)) and sloped roofs. However, some weaknesses are that the overall usability of the site is low and the traffic line from parking to entering the building is too long, thus lowering connectivity.

- Chairman of the Committee Lee, Geun-taek

The low profile of the building shows respect to the landscape and especially the hill behind. This is recognized also as inherent nature of traditional Korean houses which were low and attached to the ground. The half sunken building may not only reduce the impact to the landscape, and also has the advantage of reducing maintenance energy in the summer and winter. The intimate and human scale of the courtyards and entrance enhanced the character of “learning center”, the psychological function of the building. The interpretation of relation between inside and outside of the courtyards is skillfully articulated.
However, the east-west direction of the football play ground is a mistake. There is a lack of integration of sport ground with the building or landscape in concept. A large excavation into the ground may cause a large impact to the site and increase the cost of construction. The architectural statement is also relatively common.

- Beisi Jia

  • The building is located on the northern side of the site and it was designed in a way that severs the green area connected to the mountain in the north
  • The field is located on the northern part, thus limiting usability
  • It is stable overall standing two stories tall, but it seems a bit low in terms of scenery that uses the mountain in the north as a backdrop
  • When considering the length of the building, it is judged that the traffic line for the educational space is too long, and therefore, inefficient
  • The parking lot traffic line is too long for people with physical disabilities to use conveniently

- Jury Member Lee, Kang-Hee