Gyeongsangbuk-do Human Resource Development Institute
Approved International Architectural Competition


DAM Office of Architects (South Korea)

• Kim, youngkuk
• Kim, jinyoung


The block plan using an arc that utilizes natural phenomena makes this piece unique compared to others. However, raising the parking space above ground mitigates its nature-friendliness as cars can be seen from outside and it also has the weakness that it lacks connectivity of internal and external spaces through the connection with the outer area. Moreover, the fact that the line from parking and entering the building is excessively long makes the traffic line inefficient.

- Chairman of the Committee Lee, Geun-taek

Dear fellow architects, let me first congratulate you on the great success you have achieved in this competition. I would also like to mention that your design is very imaginative, original and contains many ideological ideas that will certainly find application in your other projects.
Now let me evaluate your project in the context of the approach of the international competition jury. In the COONNECT project, the jury praised the spatial arrangement, which created the impression of open arms for all future users of the Human resource development center. The semicircular concept was particularly interesting in the context of sports venues, which are surrounded by the center building in the design. The overall concept of the column halls follows the ancient sports grounds, where the cult of body and spirit was emphasized.
Incorporating water surfaces into a semicircular section also has a positive effect on all future users. As for the location of the orientation of the building, it was perceived positively by part of the jury and part of the jurors, on the contrary, pointed out other alternatives that could possibly take into account the undulating terrain of the adjacent landscape. As for the cost of the possible implementation of your project, a relatively uncomplicated architecture was discussed here, but on the other hand there was a certain controversy as to whether it is really necessary to use so many roofed areas and so many terraces in the project. The jury also addressed the concept of water areas and their possible solutions.
If I should mention my personal impression of your design here, it evokes in me an open arms, peace of mind and protection of those for whom it is intended. It is a great honor for me to be able to participate in the evaluation of your work.

- Karel Smejkal

  • From the elevation aspect, it does not contain elements or spaces that serve as the center of the building and is instead contrived in a widely spread form, and therefore, it is judged to be a plan for expandability without a central point
  • This building that has educational functions has potential for extension in the future, but this piece appears to not put this into consideration
  • By using the entire land, it may be misleading in that its size is greater than it actually is
  • It may have some disadvantages in terms of construction costs due to the slightly excessive spatial plans such as corridor

- Jury Member Lee, Kang-Hee